We offer a consultancy day for anyone thinking of or who is in the early stages of running their own care business. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to learn about all aspects for starting and running a care business, this is an excellent way to get up and running.

We hold 1-2-1 sessions with our consultancy clients. You will have us all to yourself for your consultancy day. We will provide you with a workbook packed full of information with plenty of space for your notes!

We show you the systems we use, you will see how we promote our business to clients and care team. We talk about the CQC inspection, we talk about the quality systems which will make you stand out from your competition…

You will spend the day with the team who worked hard to get to our CQC Outstanding rating. This is no soft-sell, we tell it as it is warts and all, we are confident in giving your this information because we know, we run a care business.

Ring us to discuss our consultancy day or to put together a bespoke training session to meet your particular requirements.
Following a number of our consultancy days, here is some feedback we have been delighted to receive….
‘….as someone about to start a domiciliary care, every area covered was useful. Although I already have ideas and plans, you gave me a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of the business. Thank you for the handouts you have given us, they are detailed, informative and will serve as a good guide for us.
‘We could have spent another day listening and talking to you as you have a very good insight of the business. Simon and Lynsey were both helpful as well. All of you compliment each other well and form a good business structure.’

‘Clarke Care would not have the Outstanding CQC rating if not for all your hardwork and team working together for one goal and purpose. I believe that success doesn’t come overnight or served to you in a silver platter straight away but you have achieved it slowly, patiently and diligently.’

‘You will be our role model.’

Dear Lorraine and Simon,

First of all we are very sorry for not keeping in touch after our Consultancy Day with you.

Life happened and it kept both of us very busy. We are now back on track and moving full steam ahead on our business plan.

We found the Consultancy Day with you extremely useful and enlightening. It made us introspect and re-evaluate our business model. Spending the day with you all made us realise how important it is to work in an area where one is passionate and experienced. As a result, we have reconsidered our target market and part of our business plan.

Your open and honest guidance and tips for business have been most useful. You all have given us a wealth of information not only about how to run a business but also about the care sector and its challenges. It was a great opportunity to see and experience a template of the type of business we plan to start. Thank you for taking the time to meet with us.

We hope to keep in touch. Please do let us know if you happen to come to our neck of the woods. It would be great to meet both of you again.

Best Wishes

Call us now 01284 365 247 to find out how we can help you

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